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Customer Committed Since 1908

In the early 1900’s, Indusco Wire Rope & Fittings (then known as Industrial Sales Company) was already a legend in the Port of Baltimore. No matter the season, when the square-riggers, coastal traders and bay boats of the day arrived in the harbor, Indusco Wire Rope & Fittings would be there to greet them. Indusco brings the same commitment of dependability and service to our customers almost 100 years later. In addition to serving the marine industry, Indusco Wire Rope & Fittings also supplies high quality products to industrial suppliers, contractors, mining companies, logging operations, transportation companies, farms and military operations throughout the world. Indusco Wire Rope & Fittings has become America’s foremost fabricator and supplier of wire rope and rigging gear.

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Indusco is an industry leader in the distribution of lifting and rigging materials, tools and equipment. Contact one of our specialist and learn more about how we can help your business, team or project.

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Rigging Products Line Card | Indusco Wire Rope & FIttings

Indusco Rigging Products Linecard

Download the Indusco line card and get an overview of all the products Indusco has available for a variety or applications and needs.
Rigging Products for Lake Dock Applications | Indusco Wire Rope & FIttings

Lake Dock Products

Offering a varied selection of products for the Lake and Dock contractor with affordable options for almost any project.
Crosby Rigging Hardware | Indusco Wire Rope & FIttings

Crosby Products

Indusco offers a full selection of Crosby lifting and rigging products. Shackles, hook, clips and more you can find it all with Indusco.
Product Catalog | Indusco Wire Rope & FIttings

Indusco Catalog

The complete Indusco product catalog. Download, print or search it and find the products you and your projects team need.
Cordage Products: Synthetic and Manila Rope | Indusco Wire Rope & FIttings

Cordage Products

Indusco offers a huge selection of cordage options. Synthetic, natural, plasma and more.